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We have been serving the public and working with over 1,000 different people and bodytypes over a period of 10 years. Through our practices of working in a multitude of atmospheres such as:  spas, chiropractic offices, acupuncturist practices, medical clinics, Massage Envys and Elements massage practices, independently, and on commission; we have developed a business that not only benefits the public , but is reasonable and affordable to those in our Community.
We strive everyday, with every client to provide the utmost in care and body betterment through a vast library of Massage Therapy techniques and protocols. Michelle

10 years ago I was working with my best friend as a pre-school teacher at her in home day care center.  She was constantly in pain.  She had been one of the first to be officially diagnosed with Fibromyalsia and debilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  She would spend some days in bed all day while I ran the day care so she could sleep. I hated to see her in such pain. So I started doing some research on my own and I found that a lot of people were finding that massage therapy  was helping for CTS and the very few that were coming forward at the time,  said the same for their FIbromyalsia.  I began research from that point forward to know as much as I could about the disorder and how to treat it naturally. I found myself searching Massage Therapy institutes, and after 5 interviews at 5 different CO schools, I enrolled in The Denver School of Massage Therapy in March of 2006. 3 months in to school and after working on my friend for 3-5 times a week, she cancelled her Carpal Tunnel Surgery, and out of 18 “hot spots” she only had slight pain in 3. It was from that point forward that I knew massage therapy was my purpose. To help “heal the world, one body at a time!” 


Brandon connects with each client, carefully listening to their individual needs and goals. While specializing in Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, he strives to adapt his technique to each individual client. Over the last 10 years, Brandon has been providing massage treatments for clients in Denver, Aurora and now Fremont County.

Brandon and Michelle look forward to working with you to customize your massage treatment plan. With the vast library of therapy options available we can meet your massage needs. Call today to start on your path to better health.

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