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Getting a massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic. Follow these ten tips to ensure that you get the most out of your massage treatment!

Massage Tip #1: Shave the day before.

A common question that comes up when preparing for a massage is whether or not to shave. A lot of women worry that their legs should be 100% stubble-free, but shaving right before a massage can make the skin extremely sensitive. Instead, shave the night before to ensure silky skin that can withstand the pressure of the massage.

Massage Tip #2: Skip the lotions, potions, and notions.

If you routinely apply lotion you may want to skip this habitual step before a massage. As tempting as it may be, avoid lathering on the moisturizer, cellulite cream, perfume, etc. The massage therapist is going to use oil or lotion as part of the massage so your skin is sure to be hydrated. In addition, you don't want to put on a strong perfume that may counteract the soothing scents of any aromatherapy that may be part of your treatment. And finally, your massage therapist is only interested in your muscles not your love handles, so there is no need to dump a bottle of sculpting cream on your thighs!

Massage Tip #3: Wear comfortable clothing.

Different types of massage require different degrees of dress, or rather, undress. Regardless of the type of massage you have scheduled, make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. A good rule of thumb is to wear an outfit that you would go to the gym in. Even if you plan to disrobe completely, you want to ensure that your muscles stay relaxed after the massage. Sure you might look great leaving the spa wearing stiletto heels, but they may cause tension to return to your legs and lower back: erasing all the positive benefits you just paid for with your massage. So skip the high fashion and keep your relaxation.

Massage Tip #4: Arrive a little early.

Be sure to leave yourself ample time to get to the spa: the last thing you want to do is stress your muscles right before a massage by rushing into your treatment late. Many times you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire before a spa service. Arriving 20 minutes before your appointment will allow you enough time to fill out the form, relax, and use the restroom: all of which are important preparations before receiving a massage.

Massage Tip #5: Sip a cup of tea.

Many spas will offer a complimentary cup of tea while you wait for your treatment to start. I used to think that this was just a frivolous extra perk that had no real benefit, but I was wrong. Sipping a cup of warm herbal tea can help to calm your stomach and soothe your mind before you step foot into the treatment room.

Massage Tip #6: Use the restroom.

After sipping a cup of tea, make sure to use the restroom before your massage. When you have a full bladder, the muscles surrounding it tighten, making it difficult for the massage therapist to work on your lower back and abdomen. A quick trip to the restroom before your treatment can make for a much more restful massage: you want to be able to let your stress go, not worry about having to 'go'!

Massage Tip #7: Do some light stretching.

Light stretching and yoga work can be extra beneficial before a massage. While standing in the waiting area, reach your hands over your head to the ceiling, hold for 5 seconds and release. Then bend at the waist and gently reach toward your toes, hold for 5 seconds and release. A gentle stretch of your back, arms, and legs can help release tension even before you get on the massage table.

Massage Tip #8: Start face up.

Some massage therapists will instruct you on how to lie on the table before the massage while others will leave the option up to you. If you have never been for a massage before this can be a confusing choice. Starting face-up is always a good option as it gives you more freedom to communicate with your massage therapist without having your voice muffled by the headrest.

Massage Tip #9: Communicate with your massage therapist.

Communication is the key to a relaxing massage. Make sure to tell your massage therapist about areas that you want worked on, areas you would like to avoid, and the level of pressure that feels best to you. Communication doesn't have to end when you lie down on the table either: speak up if you feel uncomfortable at any point during your massage. The therapists won't be offended; in fact they should welcome your comments and requests.

Massage Tip #10: Bring an after-massage kit.

An invigorating scalp and face massage is sure to leave you refreshed, but it can also leave your hair a bit wild. Bringing a small kit of a hairbrush, mousse, and some light make-up items allows you to freshen up and tame your hair before leaving the spa. Because the lighting is usually dimmed during a massage, consider bringing a pair of sunglasses with you as well. Any amount of sun can feel extra bright to relaxed eyes after emerging from a dark treatment room.

Your massage appointment should be as therapeutic as possible; by following these ten tips you will be well prepared to get the most out of this relaxing treatment.

Experience what H2H Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork has to offer. Located in the charming city of Florence, CO, we are nestled right off Main Street. Envelop your mind, spirit, and body with an atmosphere of healing, well being and rejuvenation. Begin your journey to a more relaxed and stress free you by scheduling your appointment today online or by phone.

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